project brings TomTom to GPL compliance

The project ( announces yet another successful enforcement of the GNU General Public License(GPL), a license commonly used with Free Software, such as the Linux Operating System Kernel. In an amicable agreement with TomTom B.V. (, a Dutch vendor of Navigation Systems, the project was able to bring the TomTom GO product into GPL compliance.

The source code for the Linux Operating System Kernel, including TomTom's own modifications, is now made available at Furthermore, other obligations of the GPL such as reproduction of the full license terms will be fulfilled by TomTom B.V.

As part of the agreement, TomTom will show it's appreciation of the Free Software and technology enthusiast movement by making a significant donation to the Chaos Computer Club (

"We are happy about the productive and friendly attitude of TomTom B.V. while resolving this licensing issue", says Harald Welte, one of the copyright holders of the Linux Operating System Kernel and founder of the project.

About the project

The project is a volunteer-based effor to make corporate distributors of GPL-licensed Free Software aware of the licensing issues involved with GPL-licensed software.

For any reported case of GPL license violations, it will try to locate the respective copyright holders and inform them about possible actions to bring their product in compliance. is founded and run by Harald Welte, a long-term contributor and developer of GPL-licensed software.

About TomTom B.V.

TomTom B.V. is a Dutch based vendor of navigation software and navigation appliances.

The Product TomTom GO is an ARM-based embedded computer running the Linux operating system and TomTom's proprietary navigation software.

About CCC e.V.

Chaos Computer Club e.V. (CCC) is Germanys leading hacker organization, established 1983. It discusses recent advances in information technology, and aims at raising public knowledge and awareness about the consequences.

Interest groups within CCC include: Biometrics, Data Protection, IT Security, Copyright, Software Patens.